What the heck is an OBM? and what an Online Business Manager Can Do For you.

by | Jul 14, 2020

An Online Business Manager (OBM) is just that – someone who virtually manages the daily operations of your business. They’re one-part coach, one-part cheerleader, but mostly someone who can objectively look at your business and see both your vision and the tasks that need to get done to make that vision happen.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we are constantly flooded with messages from all these marketing and business experts telling us where we should be advertising (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram), what content we need to be creating (Video, podcasts, images etc), how often we should be communicating to our target market (email, social posting, phone, flyers), that we need a website, a landing page, should be able to be found on Google, become an authority, pivot, go online, do Joint Ventures, attend networking events etc etc.

With the constant barrage of information it’s easy to see why focus gets lost and we feel overwhelmed and needing to be constantly hustling. The next shiny thing is not the answer and we certainly shouldn’t be hustling every damn day! We start our business to have more freedom and flexibility, not to be hustling every waking hour of every day. This is simply unsustainable and will lead to unhappiness, exhaustion and burnout.

And this is where having an OBM can be a game-changer in your business. You have the vision and values for your business, but they can get lost in the daily grind of wearing all the hats in the business.

It is the Online Business Manager’s job to come in, help you get grounded and clear on your business goals and then put the work in where it counts.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you will still be working hard, but you will be working on what you should be spending time on – the innovation and big ideas part of your business, not the tasks that get you bogged down that can easily be automated, delegated and taken care of for you.

So, in a nutshell this is what a good Online Business Manager does:

  • Clarifies where to put the focus and work in where it matters;
  • Helps you get consistent results and the most value for your time, effort, and money;
  • Finds the platforms and programs necessary to make your vision a reality;
  • Makes you feel excited and supported every day that you work together; and
  • Creates the foundation of your business with systems so that you don’t have to worry about the details that happen in a day, so you can focus on the one that matters: what you want to serve and share.

An OBM is someone who you will work closely with, who you can delegate tasks to and trust that they’ll get done, who can deal with the daily management of your business, and who will tell it like it is, and that last point is a critical piece of the puzzle. An OBM is someone who will call a spade a spade. They will give you their honest opinion whether you like it or not.

That doesn’t mean that you have to listen to it, but it is important to not have someone who will blindly say ‘yes’ to all tasks and ideas. That is when inefficiency and lack of focus creeps in.

As a business owner you are so busy working in the business, that it’s very hard to step away from it and look at it objectively and move towards working on the business on the real things that matter. An Online Business Manager will help give you that objective eye and help take tasks off your plate so you do not feel stuck and burnt out and can get back to feeling excited about your business again.

This is what an Online Business Manager provides. Headspace. Focus. Strategy. Room to grow.

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Leanne Ireland

Leanne helps entrepreneurs and business owners to conquer their growing pains, reclaim their time to scale and build the business of their dreams – through a combination of systems, processes, automation and smart delegation. Leanne loves working with successful people. She especially loves conceptualising their thoughts and ideas and putting those ideas into action; that’s her magic.